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It was hand Hollywood screenwriter Peter Viertel, during the filming of a movie that featured his wife, Deborah Kerr. Today, this sport has more than 10 million practitioners worldwide. Since then, the Basque coast (over 250 km) has become one of the epicenters of major surfing internationally, with over 50 waves practicable available to lovers of this sport. Some are sandy, rocky, open sea, funds collected and protected from the wind, for experts, amateurs

Our beach Zurriola beach surf city par excellence. Its waves are enough quality: the right of Monpas and right and left of El Centro. This is because it is a beach with many tides. It is celebrated on Projunior ASP, surf European test held in July.

In addition to a surf club on the beach we can find up to four surf schools, if you are thinking started in this exciting world you can go to them.

On the beach of La Zurriola plus you can go windsurfing, kayaking, boogie boarding, fishing with rod and underwater and diving. You can hire jet skis and has places to play beach volleyball.

It has all the services: toilets, showers, hammocks, lockers, parking, salvage, ...

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